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Rete Rosa Virtual Kick-off Event!

Last Saturday, June 27th, we hosted the Rete Rosa virtual Kick-off event.

RETE ROSA is the only networking group specifically dedicated to Italian professional women in the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA). It enables all of us, across industries and jobs, to create meaningful social and professional relationships for business purposes.

Moderated by Elisabetta Ghisini, president of COMITES San Francisco and founder of Rete Rosa, the event hosted three young Italian panelists: Irene MingozziSimona Ioannoni, and Irene Perali and it was attended by more than 50 professionals.

The event saw the exclusive participation of Lorenzo Ortona (Consul of the Italian Consulate in San Francisco) and Giovanni Maria De Vita (representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

We could have not expected a better start!

RETE ROSA at “L’Italia con Voi”

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