Why gender equality is not just about women

By Caroline Strachan | TEDxFolkestone

Caroline Strachan has spent most of her career in the travel industry working for companies such as American Express, Cisco, Yahoo, and AstraZeneca. Caroline is the co-founder of the Festive Road consulting firm and has also volunteered as president of the Institute of Travel Management, president of the Global Business Travel Association Europe, and has received numerous awards in recognition of her services in the industry.

In this TEDx Talk, Caroline focuses on the changes that need to be made to reach a new level of gender equality, focusing on 3 fundamental aspects:

- the concept of trust: in some way women have always been labeled for their lack of trust and insecurity, thus giving men the label of being very often too "over-confident". Trust is not a female issue, it is each person's issue.

- Childcare: When a couple has children, it is not only women who become mothers, but people become parents. Based on this concept, we have made parental leave an exclusive need for the mother who also excludes and discriminates against her fathers. For example, in the UK, most large companies give mothers six months of paid parental leave. The husband is only recognized for two weeks. Companies do not understand that by doing so, they discriminate against men.

- Skills: Women's networks have sprung up everywhere, women in finance, women in tech, women in retail, and they focus on skills, so we're feeding a myth that women are less capable.

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