One More Way the Startup World Hampers Women Entrepreneurs

by Michael Blanding | Published on HBS - Working Knowledge

Early feedback is essential to launching new products, but women entrepreneurs are more likely to receive input from men. Research by Rembrand Koning, Ramana Nanda, and Ruiqing Cao.

Before launching new products, entrepreneurs are often filled with doubt: Will their ideas successfully take off in the marketplace—or will they fall flat? To cut down on uncertainty, creators can post their inventions on platforms such as Product Hunt, where early adopters examine and beta-test new apps and other products, offering feedback to help entrepreneurs refine their ideas.

However, there’s a caveat to this feedback: 90 percent of users on Product Hunt are men, according to a recent working paper by a trio of Harvard Business School researchers called Biased Sampling of Early Users and the Direction of Startup Innovation.