Gender equality, Italian women in California

Written by Susanna Bonini - Published on Fortune Italia

Also in California, champion state of gender equality and cradle of American liberal culture, a female Network is active to support expatriate professionals who want to make a career in one of the most attractive (and competitive) job markets in the world. Although the news is not particularly surprising - considering the female networks born all over - there are two details that are not marginal: Rete Rosa ( was born on the initiative of the Italian Elisabetta Ghisini, experienced corporate marketing expert and president of the Comites of San Francisco, the representative bodies of our compatriots residing abroad. And her project, launched just a year ago, is aimed exclusively at Italians who intend to make their way in the US and assert their right to equal opportunities.

The meeting with the glass ceiling

In essence, even in the home of emancipation, affirmation of rights, and innovation, Italian women felt the need to rise to meet the challenges of leadership and not be caught unprepared by the "glass ceiling", the invisible barrier still limiting women's progress in many western countries. In our country, Italy, we are unwilling to believe that the United States has less stringent gender laws than the Old Continent, especially if it comes to balancing work and family. The reality is that this is what happens due to a weak and poorly-protected social system, which overlaps with the legacy of "bro culture," or the culture of men's clubs. This pandemic has also emphasized the issue of gender diversity, both in terms of professional and wage prospects.