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Donne, Lavoro & Covid

How the selection and hiring process is changing according to the Executive Search Consultant

Rete Rosa's latest event 'Donne, Lavoro & Covid' guest speaker was Elena Rodighiero, Executive Search Consultant with Egon Zehnder.

Elena, originally from Milan, has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from 'Politecnico di Milano' and an MBA from Harvard Business School. During her career, she worked in multinational companies such as Siemens, Philips Healthcare, and Microsoft.

At the event, Elena shared with us what happens behind the scenes during the recruitment and hiring process, whether you are looking for a job right now or not.

Many questions have been addressed:

  • How often is it better to change jobs? 

  • What are the hiring trends given the current emergency situation?

  • Will a woman not apply to a job if she doesn't meet all of the job description requirements?


And many others!

If you did not manage to attend the last Rete Rosa's event and you are curious to find out what happens behind the scenes and what are the techniques to be used during possible future interviews, we invite you to watch the recorded event to find the answers.

Enjoy! 🎥 🍿

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