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Are you a professional talian woman living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area? If so, RETE ROSA is for you!

While many of us already belong to a few industry associations, RETE ROSA is the only networking group specifically dedicated to Italian women professionals in the Bay Area.

It enables all of us, across industries and jobs, to create meaningful social and professional relationships for business purposes. We all share a common cultural heritage and common challenges as female leaders. 

Established in 2020 by COMITES of San Francisco, Rete Rosa has two simple goals:

  • provide visibility to Italian professional women operating in this area 

  • facilitate knowledge sharing on the topic of female leadership across cultures

Our aim is to meet quarterly for in-person and virtual networking events, each one revolving on a specific leadership topic.​

Rete Rosa is not yet another networking group competing for airtime with the other industry organizations we all belong to;  we cut across sectors and would love to collaborate with any existing organization that shares our goals.

Spearheaded by Elisabetta Ghisini, Presidente of COMITES San Francisco, Rete Rosa enjoys the support of the Consulate of Italy in San Francisco. We would like to thank the Ministero Degli Affari Esteri for providing an initial grant. 


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