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Come competono le Donne

On Wednesday, September 16th, 2020, Rete Rosa hosted its first official event: Come competono le Donne.


The event addressed the topic of female competitiveness with Alessandra Cassar, Professor of Economics at the University of San Francisco.


During the event, Alessandra guided us through her research supported over the years, traveling around the world, to bring new light to this topic that has always been much discussed and debated.


Why is the topic of competitiveness so important?


This is important because for many years we have been told that competitiveness is the reason why women struggle to reach the top.


Professor Cassar, explaining the experiments she conducted during her research, guides us through history, biology, and culture to find an answer to a question that is still very common today:


Are women more competitive than men?


So, myth or reality?


We invite you to watch the event to find out. Enjoy! 🎥 🍿



Grazie mille Alessandra, super interessante! ... ma una cosa che mi ha colpito é che di solito le donne che si “sottovalutano” é attribuito a modestia, o insicurezza, e mi ha colpito invece il ruolo della biologia che ci hai illustrato!!


Grazie a tutte - molto interessante. .... e' stato un piacere stare con Voi donne stasera


Alessandra e' sempre super interessante ascoltarti. 

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